The Brixton Open Art Prize - History - From 2002 to 2006

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Since its foundation in 2002, The Brixton Open has been in the avant-garde, promoting new artistic trends in Brixton and organising a prestigious and contemporary awards ceremony held in the iconic Brixton Market.

Whilst its central core has remained the focus on the visual arts in the latter years it has moved into the tradition (and in the making) of a great festival of Contemporary, music, performers and dance. Successfully creating juxtaposition between fine art, music (classical & contemporary) performance & dance. A unique community event full of energy, enthusiasm and above all brings the community together in celebrating something positive.

In 2001, the Bettie Morton Gallery, the first independent lead art gallery opened in Brixton. By 2002, Bettie Morton realised that there was a need to facilitate an event to expose the artistic local talent. With minimal resources but with help from local businesses and enthusiastic artists Bettie organised the first Brixton Open which received great public acclaim including filming by the BBC One News.

Prize Winners

Judges, 2005

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Geofrey Chambers, winner of the first Brixton Open receives his prize from Bettie Morton.